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Celebrate Batman Day on September 23rd!
Join us in celebrating the legendary superhero we all love! BATMAN DAY is Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Except this year, in celebration of Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary, the Clown Princess of Crime is taking over! It's the greatest day of the year for Batfans around the world.

The Comic Room is in on the merriment with some FREE Batman comics, fashionable pins, Harleyquinn masks (all while supplies last) and a POP-UP SALE! Thirty-percent (30%) OFF of all Batman and Bat-family trades and 50% OFF Bat back issues!

The annual fan-favorite event, now in its fourth year, was first introduced to honor Batman’s 75th anniversary. This year, in honor of Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary, BATMAN DAY will also feature the immensely popular Clown Princess of Crime.

Hop in the Batmobile and celebrate because this is a one day sale!

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