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(416) 439-3045 Welcome to the Comic Room! 659 McCowan Road
The Comic Room is open for business!

We're back in business, Comic Room-ies! Specifically for in-store shopping.

Starting on Monday, March 8th, you're able to come into the store and browse our aisles of fandom goodness. As with all good heroes masks are required (always a good idea to protect your secret identities), we're limited to four customers, or households at a time and we want to practice good social distancing during this time, of course! That means keeping six feet apart, or one Superman.

Our debit and credit machines are on-line and ready to go! Our customers are able to pay with cash, debit or credit! In regards to what books are shipping please see our 'New Releases' section and/or contact (416-439-3045) the store for individual inquiries.

We've missed seeing everyone in-person and are grateful for your support during this pandemic. You've helped us get through it and are the real superheroes in our eyes!

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