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DC Debuts Cover for Snyder & Capullo's Black Label Batman Project
This May, veteran Batman writer Scott Snyder will reunite with artist Greg Capullo to tell one last story in the long-awaited DC Black Label miniseries Batman: Last Night On Earth. DC Comics has revealed Capullo's haunting cover for the first issue. Capullo treated fans to a preview of the story earlier in the month, but now fans can see just what the duo have in store for Batman.

Uploaded on DC's Twitter, the cover shows a barren, all-red background as the black silhouette of the Dark Knight walks through a cloud of sand. In his right hand, Batman carries the disembodied head of the Joker in a jar, with the Joker's hair and grin being the only other colors aside from Batman's eyes.

Above Batman floats Snyder and Capullo's name the title of the series covers part of the ground the Caped Crusader treads upon. The tweet announces a release date of May 29.

Story continues @ Entertainment Weekly

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