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DC's New Catwoman Debuts a Stunning Costume
With Selina Kyle imprisoned in Gotham County Corrections, new Catwoman Eiko Hasigawa steps up to patrol Alleytown in a new costume in Catwoman #51.

Eiko's garb, which can be seen in full in Nico Leon's variant cover for Catwoman #51, incorporates aspects of Selina's iconic costume. The black leather, whip and cat ears remain intact, though Eiko's mask is much more reminiscent of the oversized Catwoman cowl in 2004's The Batman cartoon series. The outfit also has a new degree of deadliness to it, with Eiko sporting a katana and a pair of kunai. Dario Tomasso -- a sidekick of Catwoman's also known as Tomcat -- chides Eiko for her choice of weaponry, telling her that if she's too obvious, observers will quickly get the idea that she's not Selina Kyle. "I did not agree to play the part of Selina Kyle, Dario," Eiko remarks in response. "I agreed to play the part of Catwoman."

Catwoman #51 is on sale now from DC.

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