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Marvel's New Trans Mutant Superhero Makes Her High-Flying Debut
Escapade, Marvel Comics' new transgender superhero and future New Mutants member, makes her big debut in a preview of Marvel's Voices: Pride #1.>

Marvel Comics has released an official preview for this year's iteration of Marvel's Voices: Pride, which includes -- among other stories -- the high-flying debut of Shela Sexton/Escapade, the House of Ideas' new transgender mutant superhero.

In addition to Escapade herself, Marvel's Voices: Pride #1 -- on sale this Wednesday, June 22 -- introduces her best friend Morgan Red, a fellow transgender mutant. "Some people have an epic romance. I have Morgan. My best friend," Shela explains. "We're ride-or-die trans mutant besties from way back." Hanging out on Morgan's shoulder is Hibbert, a genetically engineered flying turtle. As an Easter egg, Morgan also has a framed photo of the wedding of Northstar (Marvel's first openly gay hero) and Kyle Jinadu from 2012's Astonishing X-Men #51.

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