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Bendis Has Written His Final Miles Morales Spider-Man Story
The comics industry was surprised in November when it was announced that writer Brian Michael Bendis had signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, bringing to an end his 18-year run with Marvel. A result of the move, Bendis will no longer write the adventures of Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man he created with artist Sara Pichelli.

On Sunday night, the prolific writer completed his final issue of Spider-Man, and admitted he’s having a difficult time submitting the script.

“I have written my last issue of Spider-Man,” Bendis tweeted. “It’s sitting here and I’m having a really hard time pushing send to [editor Nick Lowe] — 18 years…” Accompanying the post is an animated GIF of Spider-Man shopping in a grocery store and picking up a box of Uncle Ben’s rice. Of course, Uncle Ben is a reference to Ben Parker, whose death led nephew Peter Parker to become a superhero, guided by the philosophy, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

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