Located at the intersection of McCowan Road and Lawrence Avenue East, The Paperback Exchange first opened its doors in 1978 and has been serving the people of McCowan/Lawrence area ever since.

Our store's vast and diverse library of books has long been a draw for the avid and casual reader alike. An incredible selection has been a constant staple of The Paperback Exchange's appeal and has impressed customers for the last thirty-five years. Popular contemporary writers such as Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins-Clark, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Stephen King and Danielle Steel stand side-by-side with such authors as Sydney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Robertson Davies, Margaret Atwood and many more - all at half the original cover price!

As repeat customers will know, the "exchange" aspect of The Paperback Exchange is also a great reason to shop with us. We are constantly on the look out for books and is willing to let you, the customer, in on the savings. We encourage you to bring in your used, but in fair condition, books; we then give you 15-25% of the cover price to be used in the store towards the purchase of new books!

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We are always on the look-out for:

Science Fiction
True Crime
Popular Fiction
Contemporary Romance
and even Archies!


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