Located at the intersection of McCowan Road and Lawrence Avenue East, The Paperback Exchange first opened its doors in 1978 and has been serving the people of McCowan/Lawrence area ever since.

Our store's vast and diverse library of books has long been a draw for the avid and casual reader alike. An incredible selection has been a constant staple of The Paperback Exchange's appeal and has impressed customers for the last thirty-five years. Popular contemporary writers such as Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins-Clark, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Tom Clancy, Stephen King and Danielle Steel stand side-by-side with such authors as Sydney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Robertson Davies, Margaret Atwood and many more - all at half the original cover price!

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We are always on the look-out for:

Science Fiction
True Crime
Popular Fiction
Contemporary Romance
and even Archies!


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